Periodontal Flaps Cornwall

A flap procedure is done to give us access to the roots of the teeth and the bone that are beneath the gum tissue. The gum tissue is very gently lifted off the bone so that one or a combination of procedures may be done:

  1. The roots and bone may be thoroughly cleaned
  2. The bone may be gently reshaped in areas where it has become ragged or uneven due to bone loss caused by periodontal disease (bone defects)
  3. The bone may be gently reshaped to expose a fractured tooth surface
  4. The roots and bone may be thoroughly cleaned, rinsed with an antibiotic and the defect in the bone covered with a special membrane to help regenerate bone in this damaged area. Sometimes a “filler” will be used in the damage area before the membrane is placed.

To complete this procedure, the gum tissues are closed up, usually with the gum pressed tightly to the bone to reduce the pocket depth and re-establish a normal relationship between the gum and the bone (the only exception to this is when a membrane has been placed, where coverage of the membrane is the goal of gum closure). The gum is then stitched into place and a dressing may be placed over the area. You will not be able to chew in this area for about two weeks.